3 Steps to Launching Your Product or Service in 3 Months or Less

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  1. How to apply Product Management framework to eliminate confusion.
  2. How to apply Agile framework to build your product/service quickly.
  3. How to cultivate calm and consistency to get things done. 

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Do you want to start?

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  • Mobile App

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  • Etsy store

  • Other digital product or service

in 3 months or less?

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About Your Instructor

Polina Bee

Certified Scrum Master & Product Manager & Founder of Monthly Method

Polina Bee is here to teach you how you can launch your project in 3 months or less! She’s been building successful software products since 2015. 

Polina started 2 businesses, a podcast and a blog using Agile principles and helped over 20+ one-on-one clients do the same. 



Enrolment is closed.