Hi There,

I am Polina Bee. Thank you for visiting this website. 

I’ve been studying the topic of productivity and time management for over 15 years.

Ever since I was a girl, I was fascinated with the topic. I wanted to find a way to spend as little time doing homework as possible, so that I have more time to play with friends. 

I wanted to get the best results AND have an interesting life. 

I didn’t want to choose between being an A+ student and having an exciting social life. I embarked on the journey of finding a way to achieve extraordinary results without sacrificing the quality of my life. 

I’ve read every single book on the topic, I’ve tried all the methods, and failed hundreds of times. Along the way I’ve stumbled upon many myths about productivity. 

At the end, I have developed my very own productivity system called the Monthly Method. 

About the Monthly Method

The Monthly Method is based on:

  • personal experience (15 years)
  • professional experience of managing projects and teams (7 years)
  • SCRUM framework for Agile product development 
  • behavioural economics 
  • life coaching methods
  • ancient philosophies (taoism, buddhism, and stoicism)

The Monthly Method Works

In the process of developing the Monthly Method, I’ve been able to achieve measurable results with ease and consistency:

  • A+ GPA upon graduating high school AND lot’s of great memories from spending time with my friends.
  • 90%+ GPA upon graduating from university AND amazing university experience filled with friendships, parties, and trips.
  • Internship for the Federal Government of Canada at the age of 21. 
  • Among the fist 15 employees of one of the fastest growing start ups in Canada. Grew from the financial analyst to the supply manager in just under 2 years. Launched and managed in-house supply chain across Canada and the US.
  • Received a full scholarship to complete masters degree. 
  • Finished my masters degree a semester earlier while starting a family and going on multiple amazing trips overseas. 
  • Managed the launch of a multi-brand e-commerce platform for one of the biggest supplement manufacturers in the US. 
  • Launched the Monthly Method during the pandemic while moving across the world. 
Monthly Method Works​

Choosing Quality of Life over Hustle Culture

monthly method
about monthly method

Core productivity beliefs behind the Monthly Method

  1. Self discipline and willpower don’t work. 
  2. Drama is optional.
  3. Long-term planning never works. 
  4. Progress is circular. It is not linear. 
  5. Focusing on the outcome is ineffective.
  6. Very few things are truly urgent and important. 
  7. Time management is a lie. 
  8. Intentional thinking is the best productivity tool. 
  9. There is no happy ending to a miserable journey.
  10. Your life should be worth living NOW, not “one day when”.