Goal Setting

The entire Monthly Method is based on the idea of intentional living, committing to a small number of tasks that are truly important to you

The one-way to-do list

This is the method that I use when I’m in a dark time of my life. When there is burnout. When the mood is simply not there. This tool is great for when you don’t have any motivation. You’re so tired even to be thinking about complicated productivity systems, journals, to-do lists, to-do apps, calendars. …

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On Motivation

I’ve received a question from one of my podcast listeners, “What is your opinion about motivation? Is it helpful or is it just temporary?” I think it’s definitely helpful. It is temporary but my overall opinion is that the importance of motivation is highly overrated. I think motivation is a trend that is popular right …

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dream big go small

Dream big. Go small.

I decided to start sharing the main lessons I have learned from working with over a dozen first clients. These people adopted the Monthly Method for at least a month and I’ve learned some major lessons from their experience. One of the main ones is “Dream big but go small.” Three types of goal setters …

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productivity tips reddit

Unconventional Productivity Tips from Reddit [April 2021 edition]

Welcome to the new edition of the Productivity Tips found on Reddit series. If you want to see more Reddit productivity tips, check out these two posts: February collection March collection Favourite Productivity Tips from Reddit This Month Tip #1: 5 truths about our desires. Link to the original post. We’re never satisfied with what we …

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accountability buddy

The What, Why, and How of an Accountability Buddy

I’ve always followed the productivity space closely. I enjoy trying new productivity methodologies and frameworks to explore how I can get more done in less time. I was surprised recently when I came across a concept that I had never encountered before: an accountability buddy. I discovered accountability buddies through the Productivity Reddit Discord group. …

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Lake Baikal

What will people think?

You’ve probably been in a situation where you want to do something, say something, or even post something online, yet the question of “What will people think?” stops you. We are afraid people would judge us. They would laugh at us.  This is the question that worried me for the longest time. I think it …

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definition of done

How to Use Definition of Done for Personal Productivity

It is the end of the month and some of you will be planning your next month soon. I wanted to share one other concept I’ve adapted from Agile/Scrum product development that can increase the chances of achieving your goals. Let’s talk about the definition of done and how you can use it in your own life.  …

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