Daily mindset work under Monthly Method where you look for the thoughts that make you act on your tasks from the positive emotional state

The one-way to-do list

This is the method that I use when I’m in a dark time of my life. When there is burnout. When the mood is simply not there. This tool is great for when you don’t have any motivation. You’re so tired even to be thinking about complicated productivity systems, journals, to-do lists, to-do apps, calendars. …

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On Motivation

I’ve received a question from one of my podcast listeners, “What is your opinion about motivation? Is it helpful or is it just temporary?” I think it’s definitely helpful. It is temporary but my overall opinion is that the importance of motivation is highly overrated. I think motivation is a trend that is popular right …

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side project

How to Start Side Project with Full-Time Job – Part 1

Let’s talk about combining your full-time job with a side project. It doesn’t have to be a side business. It can be a hobby, a volunteering project, house renovation, etc. Something that requires a substantial amount of time on your end. Something that you wanted to do for the longest time, but just couldn’t find …

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time blocking Q&A

Time blocking Q&A

A few weeks ago I talked about the power of time blocking. Today I want to answer the most common questions I receive about time blocking. I am excited to share the tips and tricks I have from doing time blocking on a daily basis for the past 4 years. What’s my ideal unit of …

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productivity tips reddit

Unconventional Productivity Tips from Reddit [June 2021 edition]

Welcome to the new edition of the Productivity Tips found on Reddit series. If you want to see more Reddit productivity tips, check out these three posts: February collection March collection April collection Favourite Productivity Tips from Reddit This Month Tip #1: Value your attention as much as Facebook values it. Link to the original post. …

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