Daily mindset work under Monthly Method where you look for the thoughts that make you act on your tasks from the positive emotional state

new year resolutions

Applying Agile to New Year’s Resolutions – Part 1

It’s that time of year when a lot of us are thinking about new year’s resolutions. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to think about next year. But there are some common problems that I see with the traditional way of setting new year’s goals. I decided to dedicate the rest of December to addressing …

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creative ideas

How to come up with creative ideas consistently

A lot of my clients are working on launching a creative side project. I had clients launch podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, etc. And they often ask me for advice on how to consistently come up with creative ideas. Creative ideas require you to stop consuming. Creativity is when you create something. This is the opposite of consuming. …

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The magic power of external accountability

Let’s talk about external accountability and how it can help in achieving your goals. External accountability is the secret sauce behind so many services. Personal trainer and coaches When you hire a personal trainer, it’s not necessarily their knowledge that gives your results. The main reason why personal trainers can be so effectives is that they …

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The one-way to-do list

This is the method that I use when I’m in a dark time of my life. When there is burnout. When the mood is simply not there. When a regular to-do list doesn’t work me. This tool is great for when you don’t have any motivation. You’re so tired even to be thinking about complicated …

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On Motivation

I’ve received a question from one of my podcast listeners, “What is your opinion about motivation? Is it helpful or is it just temporary?” I think it’s definitely helpful. It is temporary but my overall opinion is that the importance of motivation is highly overrated. I think motivation is a trend that is popular right …

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