Experience the Power of the Monthly Method

You are:

  • High achiever
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business owner
  • Mid-level professional

You want to:

  • Find a better work-life balance
  • Escape the hustle culture
  • Build better habits
  • Finally launch that project
  • Cut back on time wasting activities
  • Become consistent in taking steps towards your goals
  • Bring more intentionality into your daily life
  • Improve your focus
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Cultivate calm instead of mental chaos
  • Engage in high-value rejuvenating activities instead of surfing the internet all day long.

Meet the Monthly Method

An agile-based productivity system designed to achieve your goals without consuming all the energy and hours of a day so that you can have a work-life balance and enjoy your life.

Polina Bee

Finally, a productivity system that allows me to create a life I don’t want to escape from.

Polina Bee, MASc
Founder, Monthly Method

Results our clients have
in just 3 short weeks:

Career & Growth

  • Created and launched the website for the side business.
  • Researched and applied to 5 graduate programs.
  • Wrote and published 8 SEO-optimized blogposts.
  • Revamped personal LinkedIn page and resume.
  • Had 3 informational interviews with people who had client’s dream job.

Health & Key Relationships

  • Completed 9 x 30-min HIIT workouts.
  • Organized a surprise birthday party for his wife.
  • Scheduled and attended a doctor’s appointment for the chronic pain a busy client has been experiencing for months.
  • Fixed his sleeping schedule.
  • Visited her parents in another state.

Quality of Life

  • Organized friends’ get-together.
  • Planned and booked summer vacation.
  • Attended the favourite band’s concert.
  • Had a spa day after completing a year-long project at work.
  • Read 2 novels from a favourite author.
  • Attended an interesting lecture.


~ Nick D. | Vancouver, Canada | Entrepreneur

“The system gives you clarity of focus.

I was able to accomplish more in 3 weeks than I did in the past 3 months.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t get paid for completing your to-do list every day, you get paid for producing results. And that’s what Monthly Method boils down to – getting you results.

With weekly calls and daily accountability check-ins, you never fall off track. It was nice celebrating weekly wins. It is nice to have someone in your corner cheering you on, and Polina was that person.

I can’t recommend Polina’s services highly enough especially if you are looking for a system that will get your results and balance in your life. I will be working with her for the foreseeable future.“

~ Dr. Singh | London, UK | Osteopath

“It isn’t your traditional self-development type stuff. It is teaching you practical stuff. It is teaching you balance.

I travelled the world, spent thousands on courses and books. The Monthly Method is more practical than anything I have come across.

It doesn’t only teach about being highly productive, it also teaches you about being a human.

I am a much better father. I am more present now than I was before I met Polina. I am also very effective at my job. I am fit and healthy. I am probably in the best shape I’ve ever been.

The system helps you to stay focused on what’s important. Definitely, definitely, highly recommend it.“

Mitt testimonial

~ Mitt K. | Toronto, Canada | Mortgage Agent

~ Shella S. | Singapore | Product Marketer

Program Structure

Program Duration

4 weeks

Plan Your Month

Create the best plan for the upcoming month with the founder of the Monthly Method.

45 min

One-on-one call

Weekly Progress Calls

Receive help and support during weekly calls with the founder of the Monthly Method.

30 min

One-on-one calls

Daily Support & Accountability

Get daily support from the founder of the Monthly Method.

Once a day

Via text message or email

Review Your Month

Review, Learn and Adapt for continuous improvement using the Monthly Method.

30 min

One-on-one call

What it's like to be our client

Week 1

  • You get clarity on your priorities.
  • You start taking massive actions towards your top priority goals.
  • You start replacing bad habits with healthier options.
  • You get more sleep.
  • You are introduced to the magic of 10X Coffee Practice. You use it daily to make showing up for the goals easier.
  • You start seeing improvements in other areas of life. First signs of improved work-life balance.
  • You celebrate your wins on a weekend indulging in your favourite activity. Absolutely guilt-free.
  • Daily support and accountability.

Week 2

  • You act in order of priorities. You manage your time accordingly.
  • With an increased focus, you finish some of your goals ahead of schedule.
  • You learn about time blocking and apply it in your life.
  • Your life outside of work becomes more interesting and intentional. No more mindless Netflix binging at night.
  • Daily support and accountability.

Week 3

  • You get personalized coaching advice tailored to your situation.
  • You finish off your sprint strong.
  • You try on a new hobby.
  • You have arranged a time to spend with your favourite people.
  • Your sleep schedule is now on track. You eat better.
  • You are feeling more energized from all those workouts you’ve been doing for the past few weeks.

Week 4

  • You apply the concepts of Agile Sprint Retrospective to analyze your sprint. You learn valuable lessons about yourself and your productivity style, which you’ll apply in the next sprint.
  • You take a week off to reflect, recharge, and plan for the next sprint.
  • You feel proud of everything you’ve completed in such a short period of time.
  • This is the first time in years where you don’t beat yourself up for not being productive. It feels liberating.