See Measurable Progress on Your Goals in 1 Month

Apply SCRUM to Your Life

What is SCRUM?

Scrum is a framework for agile software development.

Under agile software development, the team delivers results incrementally instead of a traditional approach of delivering everything at once. Agile embraces frequent review and adaptation based on the continuous feedback from real customers using the product. 

SCRUM is used in GoogleApple, FacebookYahoo,  SpotifyAdobeAirBnB and other fast-growing companies.

Monthly Method applies core Scrum principles to personal productivity

You will learn how to

  • Get clarity on your goals
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed
  • Embrace experimental mindset
  • Escape the hustle culture
  • Finally launch that project
  • Stop procrastinationg
  • Become consistent in taking steps towards your goals
  • Show up for your goals even when you don't feel like
  • Cultivate calm instead of mental chaos
  • Focus when it's time to focus
  • Enjoy quality downtime without beating yourself up

"The most practical productivity system out there."

We bust productivity myths

  • Long-term plans don't work.
  • You don't need to be building new habits all the time.
  • You can't beat yourself up to success.
  • Willpower and self-discipline are overrated.
  • Very few things are truly urgent and important.
  • You don't need to wake up at 5 am to be successful.
  • You don't need another productivity app.
  • Reading more books won't make you successful.
  • Hustle culture is not productive. It's neurotic.
  • You can achieve incredible results with short-term planning.
  • Your life should be worth living NOW, not “one day when”.

Meet the Monthly Method

An agile-based productivity system for the fast-changing world.

Results our clients have
in just one short month:

Career & Growth

  • Launched website for a side business.
  • Researched and applied to 5 graduate programs.
  • Wrote and published 8 SEO-optimized blogposts.
  • Revamped personal LinkedIn page and resume.
  • Had 3 informational interviews with people who had client’s dream job.

Health & Key Relationships

  • Completed 9 x 30-min HIIT workouts.
  • Organized a surprise birthday party for his wife.
  • Scheduled and attended a doctor’s appointment for the chronic pain a busy client has been experiencing for months.
  • Fixed his sleeping schedule.
  • Visited her parents in another state.

Quality of Life

  • Organized friends’ get-together.
  • Planned and booked summer vacation.
  • Attended the favourite band’s concert.
  • Had a spa day after completing a year-long project at work.
  • Read 2 novels from a favourite author.
  • Attended an interesting lecture.


~ Nick D. | Vancouver, Canada | Entrepreneur

“The system gives you clarity of focus.

I was able to accomplish more in 3 weeks than I did in the past 3 months.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t get paid for completing your to-do list every day, you get paid for producing results. And that’s what Monthly Method boils down to – getting you results.

With weekly calls and daily accountability check-ins, you never fall off track. It was nice celebrating weekly wins. It is nice to have someone in your corner cheering you on, and Polina was that person.

I can’t recommend Polina’s services highly enough especially if you are looking for a system that will get your results and balance in your life. I will be working with her for the foreseeable future.“

~ Dr. Singh | London, UK | Osteopath

“It isn’t your traditional self-development type stuff. It is teaching you practical stuff. It is teaching you balance.

I travelled the world, spent thousands on courses and books. The Monthly Method is more practical than anything I have come across.

It doesn’t only teach about being highly productive, it also teaches you about being a human.

I am a much better father. I am more present now than I was before I met Polina. I am also very effective at my job. I am fit and healthy. I am probably in the best shape I’ve ever been.

The system helps you to stay focused on what’s important. Definitely, definitely, highly recommend it.“

Mitt testimonial

~ Mitt K. | Toronto, Canada | Mortgage Agent

~ Shella S. | Singapore | Product Marketer

Monthly Method gives you a clear process to follow to achieve your goals.

But most importantly, it teaches you how to generate the energy and motivation

to stick with the process every single day.

Monthly Method vs. Other Productivity Systems

Program Structure

november sprint

What’s Included

Sprint Planning

Follow the Monthly Method principles to plan your sprint. I recommend taking few days to really think it through and plan it out. You will be given access to a series of steps that walk you through the process. You are asked to submit your sprint plan for review to make sure you have followed all the steps correctly. I will recommend any adjustments if needed.

Weekly Planning

Once you have your sprint plan, you will be guided through weekly planning. We will do this process every week. For extra accountability, you are asked to submit your weekly plans by the EOD Friday. This way I can give you personalized feedback and track your progress.

Daily check-in

This is our daily standup. We check-in in the morning via a group chat to share our focus areas for the day and encourage each other.

Weekly Q&A

You can submit questions for me to elaborate on throughout the week. Once a week I answer these questions.

Daily Group Support

For the duration of the sprint, you will have access to the group chat which I will check daily and answer any questions you might have. You are encourages to use this chat to share small wins with a group and support other group member. 

Sprint Review

Sprint review is an essential part of Agile system. That’s the secret for getting continuous incremental improvements. Learn what works and what doesn’t in your particular situation. Customize your productivity system to meet your specific needs. No need to fit into someone else’s box, when you create a box that fits exactly your personality, your commitments, your life circumstances. 

Private Coaching

You can work with me directly. We will have 1-on-1 calls for Sprint Planning, Weekly Planning and Sprint Review. You will also have daily (Monday – Friday) support via a messenger or email. I will share the latest tips and tricks that I am using and testing myself. This option is ideal for busy professionals with packed schedules who want to have the fastest 

I’ve worked with people from different professional backgrounds: entrepreneurs, doctors, professors, students, financiers, sales professionals, writers, artists, etc. We were able to adapt the Monthly Method for their personal and professional goals.