Want to work with me for free?

Ok, you might be wondering, “Where is the catch?”

I’ll be 100% transparent with you on what I am doing here. Because I am not a big fan of scammy offers myself.

What’s in it for you?

  • Get measurable results on the things that truly matter to you in just 1 month.
  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions tailored to your specific goals. 
  • Get coached by the creator of the Monthly Method.
  • Daily accountability and support via text messages.
  • Sprint planning session (30-60 min) where you get to set goals in a new way.
  • Weekly progress calls (30 mins) where we talk about your progress and any roadblocks you might be facing.
  • Sprint review session (30 mins) where we review, learn, and adapt. 
  • All the tools you need to succeed on a daily basis.
  • An opportunity to try out my unique productivity system that allows to get incredible results while maintaining a balanced and intentional life.
  • Have a peek at what it means to live a truly balanced life.
Price: $0. Seriously.

What’s in it for me?

  • I’ll get to test the Monthly Method on more people. This will give me an opportunity to fine-tune it.
  • By working with beta clients, I will learn more about common pain points related to goal setting and productivity. This will allow me to create better and more relatable content for my blog and my podcast down the line. It will give me an idea of what topics to cover and how to be more useful to the people I am trying to serve.
  • I will improve my coaching skills.
  • I will get a testimonial from you that will act as a social proof for the Monthly Method. And we all know, good testimonials and reviews are what really matter in today’s world.

Still don’t know if you are up for it? No problem. Take your time, get to know me better.

About Page – a little story behind the Monthly Method and what it has done for my life.

Blog or Podcast – I share my philosophy on productivity and goal setting there.