We take Agile framework and apply it to personal productivity

Monthly Method is an agile-based productivity system for the fast-changing world.

Why Agile?

Monthly Method is a personal productivity system based on Agile principles of software development.

We take what has proved to be extremely effective  in software development and we apply it to our personal lives.

Under agile software development, the team delivers results incrementally instead of a traditional approach of delivering everything at once.

Agile embraces frequent review and adaptation based on the continuous feedback from real customers using the product. 

Meet the founder

Polina Bee

Certified Scrum Master
Product Manager
Founder of Monthly Method

Polina has been building successful software products since 2015. She created an agile-based personal productivity system called the Monthly Method.

Polina started 2 businesses, a podcast and a blog using Agile principles. Polina helped over 40+ one-on-one clients to achieve their personal goals. 

She has worked with people from different professional backgrounds: entrepreneurs, doctors, professors, students, financiers, sales professionals, writers, artists, etc. We were able to adapt the Monthly Method for their personal and professional goals. 

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