Unconventional Productivity Tips from Reddit [February 2021 edition]

Welcome to the new series we are planning on doing every single month. We will be collecting our favourite productivity tips we have discovered that month.

This month we wanted to focus on the productivity tips we had found on Reddit.

Favourite Productivity Tips from Reddit This Month

Tip #1: Logarithmic Goal Setting.

Link to the original Reddit post.

Main idea:

Instead of setting ambitious goals that are measured in thousands and millions, start with 1.

  • 1 subscriber.
  • 1 client.
  • 1 workout session.

Once you get to 1, set your goal to 10. 

Then to 100.

Then to 1000.

And improve your skills gradually. Only learn the skills that you need to get to the next increment (e.g., from 10 to 100).

Tip #2: Do not be afraid to be “cringy”.

Link to the original Reddit post.

Main idea:

Oftentimes, our old ideas of what’s good and bad are holding us back. Sometimes we need to become the people we used to laugh at in order to achieve our goals and move forward in life. And that’s totally fine. Don’t let your old self-image and perception of the world stop you from taking the actions now.

Tip #3: The problem with working too much.

Link to the original Reddit post.

Main idea:

“The human brain cannot handle long hours. It simply does not have the capacity for such prolonged periods of concentration. Beyond a certain point, you simply do busy work instead of meaningful work that actually moves the needle forward.

You might feel a lot less guilty when working longer hours, but those hours aren’t really contributing to anything. When you consistently work long hours, it’s usually a sign that you’re not spending your time and attention wisely—not that you have too much to do.”

And we also loved how the author sprinkled a little Nietzche wisdom in there:

‘What could destroy us more quickly than working, thinking, and feeling without any inner necessity, without any deeply personal choice, without pleasure—as an automaton of “duty”? This is the very recipe for decadence, even for idiocy.’

Tip #4: Invite people over or get other people involved when you feel lazy.

Link to the original Reddit post.

Main idea:

If you’ve been feeling lazy lately, invite people over. It will make you get out of bed, clean your house, dress up, and prepare something to eat or drink. Even if it feels like extra work, you will feel better afterwards. And this might boost your productivity for the next few days.

Tip #5: Your company didn’t know you existed before you applied and won’t notice you when you’re gone. Take care of yourself.

Link to the original Reddit post.

Don’t forget to put your physical and mental well-being first. Set goals in all areas of your life, not just work. If you want to learn how, check out this free PDF guide.

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